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Made from thoughts in the heart, made with love



The Cuquis, are small dolls with a really big heart. They have the ability to surprise and fall in love, because everyone who sees them falls in love with it.

They are entirely handmade with cotton knit and dressed in various fabrics. They wear different accessories depending on who wants to adopt them, because Les Cuquis are always carriers of surprises and happiness.

They are ideal for birthdays and various events, for both adults and children, because Les Cuquis are ageless.

Giving a Cuqui is  making two gifts in one, because whether  it’s in your bag, in the box, in the sleigh you can put your message or your little gift, and without any words: the Cuqui will speak for you .


24cm high.


De Witte Engel cotton knit, cotton clothes, anti-allergic padding and other different materials depending on each Cuqui.


The materials used during its manufacture, Cuquis cannot be washed.


Although the Cuquis are a unique design, we also offer the possibility of making the Cuqui to your liking. We can change the color of the hair, dress and accessories depending on the availability of stock. We can also give it a name that you can ask for and add some more add-ons.

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